Speakers & Presentation Titles

Cell size control and subcellular organization

Anne-Claude Gingras

The cell-map: A Barbados 2017 update

Mike Tyers

Interrogation of cell size control mechanisms by genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 screens

Laurence Pelletier

Alternate functions of centrosomal protein modules

Liliana Attisano

Identifying cancer-relevant Hippo pathway regulators



Regulation of gene expression

Brian Raught

SUMO: putting the squeeze on chromatin?

Bill Muller

Polycomb Repressor Complex 2 is translationally upregulated by c-SRC and mTORC1 in ERBB2-driven breast cancer

Marc Fabian

Investigating post-transcriptional gene silencing networks

Helen McNeill

Fat cadherins-- signaling from the surface to the nucleus



Proteostasis in health and disease

Mikko Taipale

Chaperones and quality control factors in health and disease

Kalle Gehring

CryoEM studies of an ER chaperone

Mike Moran

Proteome remodeling in cancer

Christian Rocheleau

Foxophagy: Endosomal/Autophagic regulation of FOXO transcription factors.



Neurobiology and brain disease

Guy Rouleau

Genomic approach to Brain Diseases

Austin Milnerwood

The cellular neurobiology of proteins recently implicated in familial Parkinson's disease

Nada Jabado

Oncohistone associated-cancers

Brent Derry

The cell and systems biology of Cerebral Cavernous Malformations



Metabolism and Mitochondria

Eric Shoubridge

Interrogating the mitochondrial interactome with BioID

Luca Pellegrini

Structure and function of the mitochondria-associated rough endoplasmic reticulum (mt-rER)

Jennifer Estall

Sex, diet, and coactivation: Molecular clues to understand risk factors for fatty liver disease

Morag Park

Metabolic plasticity in drug resistance



Checkpoints and DNA damage

Alain Nepveu

Spindle Assembly Checkpoint: a strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Alex Orthwein

Cell cycle progression and DNA double-strand break repair: Implications for genome editing and B-cell biology

Lea Harrington

Short telomeres destabilize stem cell differentiation

Damien D'Amours

How regulators of chromosome architecture shape the destiny of cells experiencing DNA damage

Jean-François Côté

Phosphoproteomics and BioID screens connect the RTK AXL to focal adhesion turnover in triple-negative breast cancer cells

Arnim Pause

Role of ESCRT in cancer

Luke McCaffrey

Diverse mechanisms of epithelial modelling in cancer morphogenesis



New players and connections in signaling

Philippe Roux

Identification of novel mitotic regulators and their potential roles in cancer

Igor Stagljar

A global analysis of the Receptor Tyrosine Kinase - Protein Phosphatase interactome

Frank Sicheri

Allosteric regulation of protein kinase function

Pierre Thibault

Phosphoproteomic dark matter



New technologies and models for cancer studies

Daniel Schramek

In vivo veritas - Modelling cancer in mice using CRISPR and ORF

Hartland Jackson

Multi-parametric, single cell measurements by imaging mass cytometry for the classification of breast cancer patients

Jeff Wrana

Exploiting organoids to model disease.