Dr. Nicole Beauchemin
Functions of CEACAM1 and role in colorectal tumor initiation, progression and metastasis.
Dr. Maxime Bouchard
Developmental Genetics of the urogenital system; mouse models of developmental diseases; organogenesis; urogenital cancer; cell signaling, transcriptional regulation.
Dr. Philip Branton
Induction and suppression of apoptosis by human adenovirus proteins; regulation of cell proliferation by RB binding proteins.
Dr. Thomas Duchaine
Mechanisms and functions of the RNAi phenomena in gene regulation and cancer.
Dr. A. Fuks Dr. Imed Gallouzi
mRNA metabolism during the cell cycle; cell differentiation.
Dr. Vincent Giguère
Role of orphan nuclear receptors in metabolic control; vitamin A and estrogen signaling in breast cancer.
Dr. Philippe Gros
Cancer resistance to chemotherapy and genetic models of innate resistance or susceptibility to disease.
Dr. Sidong Huang
Using functional genomic tools to study mechanisms of drug resistance and guide cancer therapy.
Dr. Russell Jones
Immunology and Cell Biology .
Dr. Lawrence Kazak
Mechanisms of mitochondrial energetics in health and disease
Dr. Connie Krawczyk
Molecular mechanisms regulating innate and adaptive immune responses.
Dr. Luke McCaffrey
Epithelial polarity and the regulation of mammary morphogenesis and breast cancer.
Dr. William Muller
Tyrosine kinase epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) family.
Dr. Alain Nepveu
Biological roles and molecular functions of the mammalian Cut homeodomain protein, CDP/Cux.
Dr. Morag Park
Signal transduction pathways important for the development of human cancers and how they can be targeted with drug therapies.
Dr. Arnim Pause
Characterization of tumor suppressor gene pathways; metabolic pathways leading to tumor metastasis; ESCRT complexes in tumorigenesis
Dr. Jerry Pelletier Dr. Daniela Quail
Tumour microenvironment
Dr. Gordon Shore
Regulation of oncogene-induced apoptosis.
Dr. Peter Siegel
Breast cancer metastasis to distinct organ sites (bone and liver).
Dr. Nahum Sonenberg
Translational control mechanisms.
Dr. Jose Teodoro
Tumour Angiogenesis and Apoptosis.
Dr. Michel Tremblay
Role and function of tyrosine phosphatases, signal transduction, mouse genetics.
Dr. Logan Walsh Dr. Ian Watson
Melanoma Genomics, Functional Genomics, Mouse Models of Cancer and Metastatic Disease.
Dr. Yojiro Yamanaka
Lineage specification and morphogenesis in early mouse development.
Dr. Xiang Jiao Yang
Chromatin, transcription, cell signaling.
Dr. George Zogopoulos