Michael D’Avirro Studentship in Molecular Oncology Research was established in 2010 through the testamentary trust of Micheal D’Avirro, MDCM 1974,
in support of the salary of an exceptional graduate student pursuing research in metabolism and cancer.


Submission Deadline

An application must be submitted by the competition deadline May 15th.




Supervision &
Status at the GCRC

Must be under the supervision of a scientist who is a full member of the Goodman Cancer Research Centre.
List of GCRC members.

Candidate must be a Graduate Student who is within the first year of their program at the GCRC.

Award Value

$20,000 - $25,000 (no renewals)




Funding Period

January 1st - December 31st (one year, no renewals).  




How to Apply

Arrange for 2 - 3 reference letters to be sent electronically by your referees to awards.gcrc@mcgill.ca.
You must also enter the names and affiliations of your referees on the online application form.

The documents listed below must be submitted, in the following sequence, in a single PDF file.

Name your file: LastName FirstName AwardName YEAR

1.  A Title Page that includes candidate's name, graduate status, current supervisor, and project title.

2.  A detailed summary of candidate's proposed research project.  The summary must be written by the candidate and should not exceed 2 pages (including references).

3.  C.V. (including a list of publications)

4.  A copy of academic transcripts.

5.  Reprints/preprints of candidate's two most important papers, if applicable

Complete and submit the online application form by the competition deadline. Link to the online form


CV (past performance, scientific achievements and activities)

Academic Transcript

Letters of reference


Scientific excellence and reasoning

Experimental design and feasibility

Metabolism and cancer relevance

Clarity of the research proposal

Insight into the future directions