The Canderel Rising Star Awards are made possible by the ongoing efforts of Mr. Jonathan Wener, the founder and CEO of Canderel Inc., and the Défi Canderel annual fundraising event .

These awards are to support exceptional undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in scientific/medical research. The research internship for undergraduate students is offered during the summer and the student is required to spend a minimum of 10 weeks in the laboratory where they will learn and contribute to the ongoing research. The internships start in May and can be extended for up to four months. Following the Summer Studentship, the student must submit a two page summary report.


Submission Deadline

An application must be submitted by the competition deadline March 31.




Supervision &
Status at the GCRC

Must be under the supervision of a scientist who is a full member of the Goodman Cancer Research Centre.
List of GCRC members.

Candidate must be an Undergraduate Student who is in U2, U3 or graduated within the last 6 months. Competition is open to national and international students.

Award Value

The Award amount may be supplemented as per agreement with the supervisor.  




Funding Period

10 weeks during the May – August summer period.
Internship period maybe extended as per agreement with the supervisor.



How to Apply

1. Find a supervisor for your research project from the GCRC researcher list 
2. Discuss details of the research project, expectations and the start and end date of your training
3. Obtain a signed Letter of Support from the proposed supervisor – link to template
4. Prepare an application file

The documents listed below must be submitted, in the following sequence, in a single PDF file.

Name your file: lastname_firstname_Canderelsummer_YEAR

1.  A Title Page that includes student’s full name, undergraduate status, name of the proposed supervisor, and project title.

2.  Project title and summary (maximum 1 page) written by the candidate.

3.  Letter of Support for from proposed supervisor

4.  CV

5.  Copy of academic transcript

Complete and submit the online application form by the competition deadline. Link to the online form

Following the Internship period, you will be required to submit a two-page (not including a title page) report in Word format about the project you were involved in.

The summary report should consist of:

1. Title page with project title, your name, supervisors name and acknowledgment of the award
2. Brief research background
3. Aims
4. Methods used
5. Results, Figures (if any) & Conclusion(s)
6. Short paragraph on the student’s experience in the lab and the meaning of the Canderel Rising Star Award (max 150 words)
7. References should be included on a separate page.

The deadline for summary report: August 30.

Please send the report to