The Canderel Graduate Studentship Awards are made possible by the ongoing efforts of Mr. Jonathan Wener, the founder and CEO of Canderel Inc., and the Défi Canderel annual fundraising event .

The Canderel Conference Travel Awards were designed to support graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows in attending international/national conferences.



Submission Deadline

March 1, June 1,
September 1, December 1    



Supervision &
Status at the GCRC

Candidate must be under the supervision of a scientist who is a full member of the Goodman Cancer Research Centre.
List of GCRC members.

Candidate must be a Graduate Student or Postdoctoral/Clinical Fellow

Award Value

$1000 / conference




Funding Period

One travel award per trainee every 2 years.



How to Apply

The documents listed below must be submitted, in the following sequence, in a single PDF file.

Name your file: LastName FirstName AwardName YEAR

1. A Title Page that includes candidate's name, supervisor, conference date and name, project title.

2. Letter of request (signed by trainee) which includes a statement of the importance of the meeting and how it fits with trainee’s career goals.

3. Outline of the scientific meeting, including date and location.

4. Project title and abstract. 

5. Proof that the project has been accepted for either oral or poster presentation.

Complete and submit the online application form prior to travel to the conference. Link to the online form