Each type of cancer is driven by multiple – possibly dozens – of somatic genetic mutations that drive cell autonomous changes in signaling pathways. These changes ultimately influence cell growth characteristics and tumorigenicity, modify how a cancer cell interacts with its microenvironment, determine whether or not life-threatening metastasis occurs, and dictate the fate of cancer stem cells.

The genomics era, however, has ushered in unprecedented advances in characterizing the genetic makeup of individual tumors, providing a potential roadmap of both the cancer itself and the personalized approach to treating an individual patient.

Many researchers at the Goodman Cancer Research Centre advance such therapeutic opportunities using sophisticated molecular tools, genetically defined preclinical animal models, clinical tumor samples, and functional genomics to identify and validate either new drugs and therapeutic opportunities or to improve the outcomes of existing therapies. Our strong commitment to work closely with clinical oncologists helps ensure that such research may be meaningfully translated to cancer patients.

Team Leader: Dr. Sid Huang