MICRTP Award Recipient, Goodman Cancer Research Centre

Award Recipient - MICRTP Travel Award, 2015

The Anticancer and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Vitamin D

June 2015

Through this project we are trying to understand the molecular basis for the putative anticancer properties of vitamin D through interaction of vitamin D receptor with the E3 ligase FBW7.  FBW7 targets turnover of several proteins, many of which are oncogenes and play important roles in cancer progression. One of these is nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB), who’s signaling controls inflammatory immune responses, and is often altered in human cancer. I successfully showed that vitamin D suppresses different NF-κB subunits in different cancer cell lines by stimulating its FBW7-mediated turnover. The results of this work were recently accepted for publish as an original paper in Nature Publishing Group (July 2015). {{I can provide the link to paper once it is available online. Now it’s in the proof reading process}}

I received the MICRTP studentship, supported by the CIHR/FRSQ training grant in cancer research, at first year of my master studies (Sep. 2013) with a very positive review from the 3 judges considering my candidacy very strong in an excellent training environment with world-leading vitamin D research. I was demanded by the program to take the Experimental/Clinical Oncology course (D1 & D2) in Goodman Cancer Research Centre, which along with my thesis project helped significantly in shaping my future career as a clinician and translational researcher. Recently I was granted the travel award to present my work at Canadian Cancer Research Conference 2015 and this will be a great opportunity for networking and connecting with leading cancer researchers from all around the world and further developing my scientific career.

Fatemeh Fekrmandi, M.D., M.Sc.
Former Research Assistant at Dr. John White’s Molecular Genetics Laboratory 
Current status: Volunteer at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto and meanwhile preparing for my medical licensing exams.