Cancer has affected Sylvain Renzi’s family—as it does with so many others. Renzi decided to take a stand and make a difference to cancer research through his support of the GCRC.

There are many ways to support cancer research—as Sylvain Renzi can attest.

These days, it seems cancer leaves few families untouched. Sylvain Renzi, one of the Goodman Cancer Research Centre’s dedicated volunteers and donors, is no exception. “My dad has cancer right now. But we’re counting our blessings. Even after two years, he’s still with us,” Renzi said. His grandfather and uncle both passed away after fighting cancer. His cousin and aunt also battled cancer.

“For me, cancer is a very important cause,” he said, “as you can guess! We need to keep on pushing basic research.” 

When Renzi decided it was time to do something to fight the disease, he wanted to make his move close to home. In 2010, Renzi, the president of Pointe-Claire-based pharmaceutical manufacturer ImportFab, made his first gift to the Centre and joined the fundraising committee.

Of course, there are many organizations that fundraise in the area—Renzi himself also supports Centraide of Greater Montreal and the CHUM Foundation among others—but giving to the GCRC was an easy choice.

“I live in Montreal, I’ve been here my whole life. I want to see researchers working in my backyard,” he said. “We are fortunate that Morris and Rosalind Goodman opened this great Centre in Montreal.”

Renzi saw the difference his efforts have made on a tour of the Centre, which he and many other donors have experienced. (To coordinate a visit, please contact Petra Gaiser at 514-398-3527.) Renzi was particularly impressed by the equipment and the researchers, who were working hard to transform his financial contribution into a concrete step forward.

“Cancer research is really moving forward on many fronts,” he said. “It’s just amazing.”

As one of a dozen members of the Gala’s fundraising committee, Renzi is part of the infrastructure that makes the event possible. Find out more about how you can participate in the 2018 Gala and ensure the event’s and the Centre’s success.

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