March 3, 2017
Congratulations Dr. Nicole Beauchemin for her role in the collaborative project that was awarded Québec Science’s “Découverte de l’année 2016 – Prix du public”

Professor Sylvain Martel of École Polytechnique de Montreal’s Nanorobotics laboratory has pioneered an approach using special bacteria that can be directed by a magnetic field to deliver chemotherapy directly to the site of tumors, reducing side-effects.
With the support of a team of co-investigators from McGill University (Drs. Te Vuong, Gerald Batist, Maryam Tabrizian, Nicole Beauchemin, Danuta Radzioch), the Université de Montréal (Dr. Louis Gaboury, Dr. Michel Lafleur), and with the support of a generous grant from CQDM, Dr. Martel and his team have demonstrated proof-of- concept as well as efficacy and lack of toxicity of this new technique using primary colorectal cancer cells.
This novel approach holds significant promise for improving cancer targeting with chemotherapy.

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