The facility has two Seahorse instruments: an XF24 (24 well format system) and an XF96 (96 well format system).  Using transient micro-chamber technology, the Seahorse instruments can measure the rate of oxygen consumption and the extracellular acidification rate of tissue culture cells (both adherent and suspension) using a specialized bicarbonate-free media system.   The cellular system can then be perturbed by the addition of nutrients, drugs or mitotoxins to measure changes in the rate of oxygen consumption (respiration) and the rate of acidification (glycolysis).  For more information about the Seahorse instruments, please visit the manufacturer’s website:

The Seahorse instruments are located on the 7th floor of the McIntyre building in room 716.

Use of the Seahorse instruments requires approximately two days of training.  The training will include instruction on how to calibrate the dosage of various mitotoxins (if desired) and general use of the instrument.  An experienced trainer will be assigned to you.

Sample requirements:
Use of the Seahorse instruments does require tissue culture and growing cells using specialized media.  If possible, tissue culture work should be done at the researcher’s site to prevent cross contamination in incubators & hoods.  If this is not possible, other arrangements can be made.

Primary Contact:     Dr. Daina Zofija Avizonis
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