Associate members are appointed in various Departments and hospitals, including the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biology, Human Genetics, Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology, Oncology, Pediatrics, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, Jewish General Hospital, Montreal Children's Research Institute, Montreal General Hospital, National Institute on Aging, St. Michael's Hospital and the World Health Organization.

The Centre maintains very close bonds with the numerous departments and hospitals, these affiliations providing first-rate academic infrastructure required for the training and management of its students and researchers.

All GCRC members have access to common areas, cutting edge equipment, core facilities and resources.

Dr. Daina Avizonis

Facility Manager - Research Associate

Dr. Daina Avizonis obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1993 from the University of California (San Diego, USA). She has extensive expertise in NMR and mass spectrometry and is the head of the Metabolomics Core Facility established in 2009. She oversees daily operations of the core, participates in data collection, protocol development and is responsible for research project coordination with researchers and students.

Dr. Gaëlle Bridon

Research Assistant, LC/MS Specialist (on maternity leave)

Dr. Gaëlle Bridon obtained a Ph.D. in Biochemistry in 2012 from Université de Montréal (Montréal, Canada), mostly focusing on proteomics. She joined the Metabolomics Core Facility as a research assistant in 2012 and is developing analytical protocols using LC/MS for targeted and untargeted analysis.

Luc Choinière

Research Technician, GC/MS Specialist

Luc Choinière obtained a B.Sc. in Biology at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and has over 30 years of experience in GC/MS and joined the Metabolomics Core Facility as a research technician in 2010. Luc maintains both GC/MS systems, helps develop new protocols and assists researchers collect and analyze GC/MS data.

Dr. Orval Mamer

Professor Emeritus, Consultant

Dr. Orval Mamer obtained a Ph. D in Chemistry in 1966 from the University of Windsor (Ontario, Canada). He is a mass spectrometry expert and ran his own research group for more than 40 years. He joined the Metabolomics Core Facility in 2010 as a consultant and specializes in MS operations.

Dr. Simon-Pierre Gravel

Research Associate, Seahorse Specialist
Dr Simon-Pierre Gravel obtained a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Montreal (Québec, Canada). He then completed his postdoctoral studies in the laboratory of Dr. Julie St-Pierre, where he studied breast cancer metabolism, serine biosynthesis, and developed new analytical methods to assess mitochondrial metabolism. He is also working on the role of PGC-1 in skin in collaboration with L’Oréal Paris. Dr. Gravel is responsible for Seahorse operations and training.

Bozena Samborska

Research Assistant / Nova BioProfile 400 Analyzer

Bozena Samborska obtained a M.Sc. in Molecular and Cellular Biology in 2010 from the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada). She is a Research Assistant and the Lab Manager in Dr. Jones’s lab since 2011 and works mainly in cancer metabolism. She is also responsible for BioProfile 400 operation and training.