The Goodman Cancer Research Center has 8 fully functional metabolic cages housed in a specialized room of the GCRC animal facility.  The metabolic cages measure food, water, and oxygen intake, urinary, fecal and carbon dioxide excretion, as well as, ambulatory and total movement for each individual animal. Urine & feces may be collected for other analyses during various time points of the experiment. 

For more specific information about the metabolic cages please visit the manufacturers website:  Look at the “Oxymax Lab Animal Monitoring System: CLAMS”.  Please note, the temperature of our metabolic cages cannot be adjusted nor the mouse body temperature monitored.

The treadmill (6 lanes) is used for monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen intake, carbon dioxide production and mouse stamina.

A resident metabolism expert, Dr. Daina Zofija Avizonis, manages the metabolic cages.  Please contact Daina to set up your experiment’s schedule and a training session on the calibration and use of the metabolic cages.  A training session lasts approximately 4 hours while a multi-animal experiment generally lasts 5 Days.

Other requirements:
Use of the metabolic cages is restricted to animals that comply with the GCRC/McGill animal handling & health policies.

Primary Contact:     Dr. Daina Zofija Avizonis