If you are new to working with the Metabolomics Core Facility, we strongly encourage you to read our sample preparation advice and recommendations. 

The MCF is equipped with four mass spectrometers: two GC/MS, UPLC/QQQ and UPLC/QTOF.  The facility staff also has access to the NMR spectrometers at the QANUC NMR facility and the MUHC-RI Platform for drug discovery.  This allows the MCF to provide a wide array of analytical platforms for metabolite analysis.  We offer both targeted metabolite and untargeted services.

In order to establish the best relationship possible with the investigators using the MCF, we ask you to review our “Terms of Use ” document and provide us with a signed copy of the “Acknowledgment for conditions of use ” document. 

When you are ready to start a project with us, please read our “General Recommendations” if you have not worked in the area of metabolomics or metabolite profiling previously.

1.     Discussion with MCF Staff Member
2.     Cell/Tissue/Biofluid extraction protocol will be provided
3.     A pilot study on a few samples will be run for you free of charge to ensure
            a.     You are able to follow our extraction protocol for your specific project.
            b.     Determine that the extraction protocol works for your specific project
            c.      Ensure that the MCF can measure the metabolites of interest discussed in part #1
4.     After a successful pilot study any minor changes or modifications to the protocols will be discussed.
5.     A larger study will be designed, planned & scheduled.

It is imperative that we communicate well every step of the way for a successful metabolomics project!

Our services are always expanding.  Please click on the links below to learn more: