01 / Helios
Helios is the third generation mass cytometer (CyTOF) by Fluidigm, which is a technology for phenotypic analysis of single cells using inductively coupled plasma time-of-flight mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). Mass cytometry is revolutionizing the ability to analyze single cells in unprecedented depth and breadth with minimal sample sizes. More than 40 markers can be analyzed simultaneously on a single cell. This allows the capture of a tremendous amount of data with a relative low number of cells.

02 / Imaging Mass Cytometer

Imaging mass cytometry is a complementary technology to the Helios system that allows analysis of tissue samples staining with metal-conjugated antibodies to obtain spatial resolution of protein expression at the single-cell level. The tissue is scanned by a small-spot-size pulsed laser and 1micron spot is vaporized on each laser shot and carried into the Helios system. Metal isotopes associated with each spot is measured and indexed against their location in the tissue. This allows the mapping of target proteins throughout the tissue section and the digital reconstruction of the tissue imaging as well as the analysis of single cell parameters in the microenvironment. Tissues can be interrogated with more than 40 parameters simultaneously.


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Services and fees

Instrument Description Unit Internal (LSC*) Academia
Fluorescence Slide Scanner
Axio Scan.Z1* Brightfield slide (20x) $4.00 - $10.00 $12.00
    slide (40x) $8.00 - $20.00 $24.00
  Fluorescence slide (20x) $12.00 $24.00
    slide (40x) $24.00 $48.00
Mass Cytometry
Helios Cell suspension hour $75.00 $75.00
Hyperion Tissue hour $100.00 $100.00
Metal-labelled antibodies   ul $4.00 - $8.00 $4.00 - $8.00

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