TMA Grand Master  (currently the only one in Canada)

Highest capacity: 72 blocks  
• 60 donor blocks at the same time  
• 12 recipient blocks

4 core diameters  
• 0.6 mm max. 558 cores  
• 1 mm max. 286 cores  
• 1.5 mm max. 135 cores  
• 2 mm max. 84 cores

Fastest microarrayer
• 2 mm max. 84 cores
• max. 12 seconds per core   
• Simultaneous loading, imaging, drilling and punching

Smart automation
• Automatic block height measurement to ensure the embedded cores are in alignment with the recipient block surface  
• Automatic barcode reading , donor block and label image saving for reference, project data saving into Excel file  and Automatic PCR extraction

PCR extraction function
• 6 PCR cassettes
•10 PCR tubes/cassettes

Use of cleaning block to avoid cross contamination

Extracted FFPE tissue samples are ready for DNA extraction and PCR analysis with commercially available kits