Leica Microtome

Equipped with various automatic and manual microtomes our staff will provide publication quality paraffin sections from 4 microns or thicker. 

There is 1 Leica microtome dedicated for student use.


The Leica ST5020 Multistainer produces consistent, high-quality results for both routine and special stains and can perform single or multiple protocols at the same time.

Special Stains

We have a large choice of special stains to choose from. 

Can’t find the stain you need?  Contact us at for other possibilities.

Stain Results Stain Stain
Congo Red Amyloid Oil Red O Lipids
Cresyl Violet Nissel Substances P.A.S Glycogen,mucin & some basement membrane
Verhoff Elastic Fibers P.A.S./Alcian Blue To demonstrate the full complement of tissue proteoglycans
Wright Geimsa Facilitates the differentiation of blood cell types Prussian Blue Iron
Gomory Reticulin Reticulum fibers Toluidine Blue Mast Cells
Gram Bacteria Von Kossa Minerals
Grocott (GMS) Fungi Warthin-Starry Microorganisms
Luxol Fast Blue Mylene Ziehl-Neelsen Acid fast Bacilli
Masson’s Trichrome Collagen    
Mucicarmine Mucin    
Nuclear Fast Red Nuclear