Hugs for Hope
Pillow Blankets
“One day someone is going to hug you so tight,

that all of your broken pieces will stick back together”

by Anonymous

Welcome to Hugs for Hope

GCRC HUGS FOR HOPE donates hand crafted pillow blankets to children and adults diagnosed with cancer. By donating the colorful and fun printed arctic fleece pillow blankets, we want to make sure that the cancer patients know that they are not alone in their journey. Our “HUGS” provide much needed warmth during treatment as well as comfort and encouragement.

Cancer Patients Say it Best

About Our Hugs Pillow Blankets

Our special “HUGS” are hand crafted by our volunteers made with printed arctic polar fleece, keeping everyone warm and cozy.We purposefully chose colorful and fun prints and patterns to brighten someone’s day while giving lots of caring hugs.

Our History

During 2014, one of our colleagues in administration was diagnosed with cancer.  While we were visiting her she told us that one of the biggest challenges going through chemo therapy was that she was always very cold and just couldn’t get warm.  We wanted to do something to help, not only our colleague, but also all of the many newly diagnosed cancer patients in our community.

Who We Serve

For every blanket sold we donate one blanket to a cancer patient.  100% of all funds raised from the sale of the blankets are reinvested to make and donate the blankets to cancer patients.

Our Precious Volunteers

GCRC volunteers during a Monday night sewing gathering
Volunteers at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Greenfield Park
Girl Guides of Canada Girl Trefoil Guild

Supporting GCRC Hugs for Hope

The demand of the pillow blankets continues to rise and so does the cost to make and donate our pillow blankets to cancer patients. 
Your support and donation whether large or small is very important and will allow us to continue making and donating the pillow blankets. 

Our goal is to have sufficient funding so that we are able to make more pillow blankets for cancer patients without having to solely rely on selling the blankets at various venues. 
100% of your donation will be reinvested to purchase the materials and supplies needed to make and donate more pillow blankets.  All of our volunteers involved in making the pillow blankets are doing so to give back to the community and are not paid for their time.
You can make a donation to support this initiative and be an active partner in donating the pillow blankets to cancer patients.  In addition you can make a donation in the memory of a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, etc.  

Below are the ways you can show your support:

* Purchase one of our special HUGS
  (Scroll to see patterns)


Toddler: 4 Feet (121.92 cm) CAD$20.00
Adult: 5 Feet (150.4 cm) CAD$35.00
XLarge: 6 Feet (182.88 cm) CAD$45.00

To place an order, please email:

Petra Gaiser:  or Jo-Ann Bader:


* To make a donation to Hugs for Hope, please contact:

Bruceil McKay:
Phone: 514-398-4973


One way to get involved is to help us with donations of printed artic polar fleece.  Since we are donating the blankets to children and adults alike, we are looking for a variety of fun and colorful prints. We chose to use fun printed artic polar fleece to lighten the spirits and to convey the message that someone cares and took the time to make a blanket for someone in need with lots of love.

We welcome all donations of sewing supplies. 

Another way to help is to donate sewing machines as this would allow us to further extend our reach.  Currently we only have 3 volunteers who can sew and have sewing machines.  Having sewing machines available for the volunteers would allow us to teach some of our volunteers how to sew and to keep up with the urgent need of volunteers helping sewing on the pockets. 

At the Goodman Cancer Research Centre we have a group of 20 volunteers, comprised of research trainees, technicians and administrative staff, all of whom are dedicated to give back to the community.  In addition, we have various groups who volunteer their time to help us make our pillow blankets, including volunteers from St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Greenfield Park and the Trefoil Guild of the Girl Guides at the South Shore Montreal and the Girl Guides in NDG.