Our Vision

The Goodman Cancer Research Centre will consistently be recognized as a world-class research centre, contributing to innovative developments in the treatment and ultimately the cure for cancer, providing individual and global hope.

Mission Statement

To bring together internationally renowned scientists who are dedicated to cancer research and provide researchers with the best resources available.

To contribute to worldwide research initiatives to improve the treatment and overall management of cancer, thus benefiting patients directly.

To provide an internationally recognized training ground for future generations of cancer researchers.

To sensitize the general public and the medical community as to the importance of fundamental research in the understanding, prevention, prognosis and treatment of cancer. 


Achieve excellence through:

  • Perseverance and dedication
  • Scientific rigor and determination
  • Ethical practices in all areas of endeavor
  • Scientific and financial accountability
  • Respect, professionalism and discipline
  • Sense of responsibility to transfer knowledge
  • Sharing of best practices and working as a team