The GCRC Departmental safety committee (DSC) is composed of GCRC staff members from the different floors and has the role to oversee safety and make recommendations to the directorship regarding all safety issues in the Center.

Ultimately, a safe working environment depends on you.  Never attempt to handle hazardous materials for which you have not received training and do not attempt procedures if you feel unsafe.  Although your supervisor has the responsibility to maintain safe working practices within your lab, it is your responsibility to make sure that you know how to work safely and to adhere to the rules.

When unsure, always ask your supervisor or the resource person in your lab.  If you feel there are safety issues that are not being adequately handled within your lab, feel free to contact a member of the DSC.


Emergency Contact Information and First Aid Resources

Police 911
CLSC 811
Quebec Poison Control Centre 1-800-463-5060
CSST (24 Hours) (514) 906-2911
Spills Environment Downtown Campus: 3000
Macdonald Campus: 7777


Everyone who starts to work in a lab must take the following training sessions as soon as possible:

  • WHMIS - Mandatory
  • Introduction to Biosafety: Mandatory if working with biohazards (bacteria, leishmania, yeast, cell culture, virus, etc.)
  • Hazardous waste disposal: Mandatory if working with biohazards
  • Safe use of biological safety cabinets: Mandatory if doing cell culture
  • Radiation safety and MyLab: if handling radioactivity

Environmental Health & Safety Website
Course Registration

The 2 day training session is given by McGill and you can sign up on the EHS website

List of Certified First Aid Providers
List of Certified First Aid Providers at the GCRC